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                  mr. ricks jokes

Ask a girl you like to see if she can touch her elbows behind her back.
Note: Make sure that your in front of her. Guys will like this and if you like the joke email us.

A man was opening a bar and he didn`t know what to call it so he opened it for a day and a guy said "Give me a free drink and I`d help name the place" he said they should name it after his name and the first girls name.  So he waitting the next day and one of his bubs and says "What are you doing" I`m waiting for megs legs to open for a free drink."

Ask a friend to spell fork forward and backward twice, then ask what do you eat soup with? 
A: fork
Note: spelling  toast will work to

Have a person spell attic
A: a t t I see

Three guy who  were bubs were walking along the beach and they found a lamp and some genie said "You each get a wish" and the black guy said "I wish all  people  had world peace" and the mexican said "that I wish that mexico was a rich country" and the white guy said  "I think I will have a coke"
When you go to taco bell next take some fire sauce and when some one asks for a drink put it in the drink. Note: Make sure it is a lot
Say to a bloned girl whats 2+2 if it 4 say "Your the smarts blond I have ever met."

How do you keep an idiot busy? Find a person who is wearing how do you keep an idiot busy shirt on

How do you call a smart person stupid of their own free will? Easy, write on a peice of paper "If you are smart turn the page. If not your stupid." Then write it on the back so it a endess loop .

a blode women the day off so she dicised to take a plane ride so she did on a prit plane once in the air she gos it to the cock pit with the pliot they talk and get to know each other then the pliot ask if she what did a flying lesson she said ok then the pliot said here take the stick 4 sec later they crash why

answer: she took the wrong stick
This the brillent work of Patrick
why couldn`t galio reproduce?
 because he throw his balls off the leaning tower of pisa
And remember, Elmo knows where you live.

created by patthepsycopath
not by amaster42

if you like my part you can email me joke if you want at ps tell your friends