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This is a section for Wise Words of Wisdom

Ok this is my little spot where I give advice to anyone who decides they 1. Trust me 2. Need advice and 3. E-mails me with there problem at . I will only post my advice for so long so check back every so often and I will try and get to your mail ASAP. But on a less seriouse note. As you may or maynot have noticed this is a site made by a few people who believe that insanity is sane. I am one of those people and I have to work on my section of this site OTHER than this little advice page. So yeah E-mail me if you need advice or just tell me off if you hate me (Hate mail accepted) and anyother mail you would like to send me about my work advice or anything else I do on this site. So in short, So long farwell and have a Nice Day!!!

This is where I will post my responses