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Escape now. It's too late for us creators, but you have hope.

Mar 24, '06 I apologize for the problem with our cartoon music video. The song is SUPPOSED to match with the animation, but there was a slight problem. It is being analyzed and solved as I speak.

Feb 26, '06 Check out the project Q preview. Instead of the lame old one, now we have our first music video. Starring Q as "Link"
Jan14, '06 You know, we really need more members on our message board.
Dec 24, '05 MERRY CHRISTMAS(hanakuh, kwanza, ect)TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT.
Dec 21, '05 I added a music section to the message board covering pop, rap, hip-hop, and Wierd Al.

Dec 15, '05 Anyone notice the cool new gfx for the message board, or the title.

Dec12, '05 Well, for those of you who didnt post on our message board because registration was required, rejoice. You can now make threads even as a non-member.(Not thet you shouldn't join, that is)

Dec11, '05 Added sections on Naruto, Magic:TG, and Yu-Gi-Oh(cards and show) to the MB.

Dec10, '05 Amaster: Well, after 5 months of sitedom, I've finally decided to start announcing things in some sort of order. Currently, we have a few plans for world domination, some jokes by the illustrious Pat the Psycopath, an advice collum which no one writes to, and a preview of our soon to be cartoon, Project Q. Also, please join our message board, as some members would be nice. Amaster out.

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